Accountant Affiliate – Referral Program

  • Are you an Accountant or Bookkeeper with clients that operate small to medium-sized businesses?
  • Are your business clients looking for additional working capital?
  • Have they been turned down by their bank? Or they don’t qualify for traditional bank funding?

What is the Accountant Affiliate Referral Program?
Our Accountant Affiliate Referral Program can help you to earn additional revenues by referring your customers to us. You are rewarded when your customer is successfully funded.

How Much Can I Earn?
You will receive a 2% commission on all funded referrals. For example: If you refer a customer who is provided $20,000 of working capital, you would receive $400, reflecting a 2% commission.

How Do I Sign Up?
Use the form to the right.

Does it cost me anything to sign up?
No. There are no charges to sign up as an affiliate.

How & When will I be paid?
Once a customer referral is successfully funded, we pay our affiliates weekly. Your payments are made electronically via an ACH payment.

How Do I Refer My Client To American Capital Advance?
Use our Referral Registration Form to submit your clients information.




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