Cash Advance for Auto Repair Shop

The Benefits of a Cash Advance in Your Auto Repair Shop


If you are the owner of an auto repair shop that does not currently accept credit cards, you may be pushing business away. When it come to auto repair shops, sometimes the repairs and invoices are quite high and may be more than people have in their present bank accounts. In this case, they would want to use credit.

If you are not accepting credit cards, the many people who fall into this situation would be unable to come to your shop and will need to go to your competitor, who probably accepts these cards.

Another benefit of accepting credit cards in your auto repair shop is that your business will become legitimized. People, in general, are a bit skeptical about auto repair shops, especially those people who have little to know experience or knowledge about cars.

When you accept credit cards, you are telling the skeptics that you are a real company and they do not have to be anxious about working with you.

A third great benefit for auto shop owners who are accepting credit cards is that your cash flow will immediately improve. Even if you aren’t immediately turning a profit, you will at least be able to get your hands on the cash from credit card sales fairly quickly instead of waiting 10 days or more for a check to clear.

Speaking of profit, you will find that in almost all cases, once you begin accepting credit cards, you will see profits rise.

Finally, accepting credit cards will offer your customers convenience, which will help them feel more at ease. Many people get “sticker shock” when hearing how much an auto repair will cost. When you accept credit cards, that convenience will relax the customer a bit and make them feel a bit better about spending the money for needed repairs.








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