Cash Advance for Bowling Alleys

The Surprising Benefits of a Cash Advance for Bowling Alleys


It may not seem as if bowling alleys do enough business to process a large volume of credit cards, but there are many surprising reasons why anyone running such an establishment should allow them in every area of their business.

One thing to consider is that many today simply don’t carry cash. If your wallet is stolen and all you have is cash, that money is gone with little chance of getting it back. However, credit cards can be stopped any charges on them can be reversed by a bank. Those credit cards are more readily replaced than cash.

Because so many businesses including fast food establishments and convenience stores accept them, this means that many people use credit cards and debit cards as just about their only way to purchase anything.

Another consideration is that allowing credit cards in different areas of your bowling alley may actually encourage someone to purchase. If they don’t need to take money out of their wallet and pay cash, they don’t truly feel as if that money is gone when they make a purchase.

Using a credit card encourages people to spend more on incidental items like food and beverages, souvenirs, games and toys for the kids, and things they might not otherwise buy if they had to pay with cash.

This means that allowing credit cards at your rental counter as well as in an arcade you may have in your bowling alley, in the bar or eatery, and even for your vending machines may increase your revenue and by a significant percentage.

Your customers may also be more inclined to make larger purchases right there in the bowling alley, such as for a new ball or bag or shoes, or for a fitting and re-drilling, and items they might otherwise visit a pro shop to purchase.

Setting up the acceptance of credit cards in a bowling alley is not difficult and not expensive.

Because of its benefits to you, the owner or manager, it’s definitely a consideration to think about seriously as it may mean more business and an increase to your bottom line.








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