Cash Advance for Butcher Shop

How to Increase Revenue With a Cash Advance for Your Butcher Shop


It may not seem as if a butcher shop is the first place a person may be inclined to do some incidental or discretionary spending, but if you own or manage such a shop and aren’t fully accepting of credit cards, you may be missing out on quite a bit of revenue.

One thing to remember is that many customers who order large amounts of any item will want to pay with a credit card right away rather than handle bills and invoices down the road.

If you have wholesale customers you may notice that they often already ask if you accept credit cards for their purchases. This eliminates paperwork for them and eliminates the need to double-check your invoice against their records.

Accepting credit card payments for wholesale customers can also get you paid more quickly. If you prepare an invoice and mail it, you then typically need to wait another 30 days or so before a check is cut and mailed to you.

This money could be credited to your account immediately if you were to accept a credit card when someone orders.

For public customers, accepting credit cards can mean more discretionary spending and therefore more money in your pocket. When someone pays with a credit card they’re more likely to purchase more since they don’t see the money leave their pocket immediately.

Think of other items you may sell above and beyond cuts of meat and how credit cards can encourage these sales. These items may include spices, marinades and sauces, or cooking utensils, beer or wine, or prepared side dishes or sandwiches.

If a customer must pay in cash they are less likely to buy anything other than what is necessary for them whereas allowing credit card purchases is a good way to encourage the sales of these other items.

Any and all businesses today can benefit from allowing credit card purchases, and that includes even the corner butcher shop.

If you own or manage such a business you would do well to consider how you too can increase your bottom line with this form of payment.








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