Cash Advance for Furniture Stores

Merchant Accounts for Furniture Stores


As the owner of a furniture store, you probably know the importance of having a merchant account in order to accept credit cards. If you don’t know about merchant accounts for your furniture store, this is simply an account that will enable you to accept credit cards from your customers when they buy furniture from you. Most people are unable to buy furniture with the cash in their pockets or even the money in their bank account, so they will need a little help, which can come in the form of a credit card.

When you offer your customers the convenience of accepting credit cards, you will make them very happy and they will be more apt to come back to your store for their next furniture purchase.

Because the purchases made in a furniture store is much higher than the average purchase, you really need to cater to the customer who is going to be making those purchases, and those customers want and need a way to pay that is both easy and convenient.

One of the great things about setting up a merchant account for your furniture store is that you are very likely to start bringing in more of a profit. In fact, research shows that most furniture stores that begin accepting credit cards gain a 30% profit over what they were doing before accepting credit cards. This is definitely a win-win situation. Additionally, it is easier to up sell to customers when you know they are using credit cards, which can mean even more profit.

As you can see, accepting credit cards at a furniture store can be very advantageous. Your customers will be happy with the convenience and feel safe with the security that credit card payments offer. Set up an account with a credit card processor today. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will reap the benefits.








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