Cash Advance for Grocery Stores

Why Accept Additional Credit Cards at Your Grocery Stores?


Believe it or not, impulse buys make up a large portion of sales at grocery stores today, and this means even for the most organized and discerning customer. Those impulse buys may be items they don’t really need or planned for such as gum or soda set out by the register, or they may mean grocery items the customer will use eventually but simply did not plan for during that trip.

When you widen out your acceptance of credit cards at your grocery stores, you will get more of these impulse buys and more purchases overall. When a customer knows that they can comfortably put their purchases on a card, they’re more likely to buy.

Very few people today carry cash especially when shopping for large purchases such as their groceries and so you will see credit card purchases on a regular basis.

However, when a customer knows they can use up their balance on a secondary card then they will spend more freely. They may have a certain balance on their main credit card already or may want to use a different card than what you normally accept simply because those rates are lower. Some also do not qualify for nationally known cards or will want to support a local bank. This means that limiting your acceptance when it comes to credit cards will limit the purchases your customers make.

Spending more freely means that customers are more likely to give in to those impulse buys, which are the lifeblood of your business. This may not necessarily mean candy and gum but it may mean more expensive choices for themselves and just more purchases than they might otherwise make overall. Limiting your cards means limiting your business, so consider expanding what you accept at your chain of grocery stores.








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