Cash Advance for Gym and Health Clubs

Tips for Increasing Sales With Credit Cards at Gym and Health Clubs


Selling memberships for a gym or a health club will mean accepting credit cards; customers won’t typically bother with paper checks for bill paying and may want to pay online with a card. This actually benefits you as the owner or manager since it means getting your payments faster rather than waiting for a check to be mailed and then processed.

It may also mean more customers overall since paying conveniently is one thing that many will expect; if you don’t give them the option of paying with a credit card, a competitor of yours certainly will!

To increase your business at your gym or health club, consider allowing more credit cards than you do currently. If you only accept a few nationally known names, you may be eliminating customers who don’t have those types of cards. Some may not qualify because of their credit and others may want to pay with secondary cards in order to manage their balances. For whatever reason a person may not want to pay with a nationally known card, eliminating their choices means eliminating them as customers.

Another way to increase your business at a gym or health club with credit cards is to sell secondary items or services other than just your memberships. Many customers will want to hire personal trainers to help them with their routine, or they may be interested in clothing, supplements, beverages, protein bars and snacks, and things such as these. If you don’t offer secondary items at your gym, you’re losing revenue, and if you don’t allow customers to pay for them conveniently with the credit card of their choice, you’re also losing sales.

Expanding what you offer to customers is the lifeblood of any retail or service business and the same holds true for a gym or health club. Once you start to consider your options, you may realize there are many different products and services you can offer in addition to memberships that will increase your revenue; in some cases you may even want to consider a full juice bar or “snack zone” for clients and customers to spend time before or after a workout. Expanding the credit cards you accept can also mean increasing sales for these items as customers will be more likely to purchase.








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