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The Best Credit Cards for Hotels to Accept


Running a hotel of any sort will mean accepting credit cards; travelers especially don’t tend to carry cash and will need to charge something as pricey as their accommodations on their cards. When you own or operate a hotel, which cards should you accept? How can you make this decision?

The nationally known and recognized names will be obvious choices, but you may want to consider expanding your acceptance to include other brands and names. There are many good reasons to do this.

Consumers today have many choices when it comes to credit cards and may find that the nationally known brands and names have interest rates out of their reach. They may not qualify for these cards and may only carry other lesser-known names of credit cards. Turning away these customers means sending them to your competitor that does accept these cards.

Often when traveling, individuals will overspend on their budget and may need to turn to a second card for incidental items, or they may want to put their hotel bill on a different card to keep one free for other spending. This too means not losing those customers to a nearby hotel or other establishment.

Your customers may also be more likely to spend on other items when you allow a variety of credit cards. For example, you may have a small diner onsite or you may offer services like massage or hair care.

You may also have a gift shop or souvenir stand near your lobby. When you allow customers their choice of payment options, you will be encouraging them to spend more which in turn increases your business.

The question of the best credit cards for hotels to accept is answered simply in that you want to consider accepting as many as possible. This will mean getting as many customers and as much business as possible.








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