Cash Advance for Jewelry Stores

Why Expand Your Credit Card Acceptance at Your Jewelry Stores?


Running jewelry stores will mean accepting credit cards; even if the majority of your inventory is less expensive fashion jewelry, your customers will still need to pay with cards since so few people today carry cash.

Most stores accept the most well-known, nationally recognized cards but expanding your customer base and your sales may mean expanding the cards you accept as well. When you accept a wider range of cards you may see more customers frequent your store since many consumers today are expanding the names of the cards they carry. Some don’t qualify for larger, well-known brands and others may simply be spreading their credit out over many different cards.

When you limit the number of cards you accept at your jewelry store, you limit your customer base. Those consumers may very easily go elsewhere with their business, either to another physical store or to an online site that makes it easier for them to shop.

Expanding the number of cards you accept can also increase business with the customers you do have. When they can easily put their purchases on the card of their choice or spread out their purchases over many different cards, they may be inclined to purchase more. This may mean more items in particular or it may mean more big-ticket items. Charge cards are very closely tied to consumer spending and the more cards you accept, the more you may be encouraging your customers to spend.

Jewelry store items are the sort that often need to be spread out over many months, when it comes to their payment. In some cases consumers may even want to put one purchase on many different cards so they can afford that once-in-a-lifetime buy, but if your store limits the cards they can use, you are limiting your customer’s spending.








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