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The Importance of Accepting Credit Cards at Motels


f you own a motel, you should be accepting credit cards for a number of reasons, but the most important reason you should be accepting credit cards is for your own financial safety. It is common practice in motels to accept payment for the night or nights the customer stayed when they check out. Most people would not be very keen on paying beforehand. However, if you are only accepting cash, it is very easy for someone to stay at the motel and simply leave before paying. If you accept credit cards, however, you can stop this entirely.

Though a person can definitely pay for a motel room in cash, if you accept credit cards, you will be protecting yourself from being walked out on. It is a very simple process, in fact.

When a person checks in, they must have a valid credit card that will be authorized as a working and valid card. This authorization will not charge the card, but it will put the card information into your computer system.

If the guest decides to pay with cash, they can still pay and the card will not be charged. If the guest chooses to leave without paying, you will have the credit card information right there in your point of sale system and will be able to charge them accordingly. You can, of course, allow your guest to simply use that credit card at check out as well, making the process extremely easy for both your employees and for your customer.

It is easy to get started accepting credit cards for your motel. You simply need to find a credit card processing company. You will be able to get the equipment and all the information you need in order to start accepting credit from customers at your motel.








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